Welcome to Promoshare


Create hyper-local fan driven campaigns and easily incentivize your top producing fans. 


Leverage your fans

PromoShare enables our event clients to leverage their fans voice, passion and network.  Reward your ambassadors with perks and status for growing sales and community. Easily create promotions driven by your fans passion and deliver exclusive incentives that keeps them engaged through out the campaign – for ALL of your events.  Continue to drive additional distribution through hyper-local fan and group segments that you create and have total control of. 


Incentivize Fan UGC.

PromoShare gives you the tools to utilize hashtags to drive fan driven promotions on Instagram and TikTok.  Giving you the ability to directly link sales to content that is being generated by your fans.  Visualize all performance matrix in one location by fan segment or individual ambassador.

Interactive sign-ups

Launch interactive sign-ups on the fly. Capture fan data that matters to you.

Manage segments

Create as many segments as you'd like for total control and access to your ambassadors and your data.

Key insights

Easily filter your data by segment or individual ambassador.

Create unlimted events

Create an unlimited amount of events and campaigns on our software.

Total rewards control

Easily create incentives that keep your ambassadors engaged. From VIP experiences to digital collectibles.

Content visualization

Visualize content being shared by your ambassadors on your client feed from Instagram and TikTok.

Digital badges – powered by PromoShare

Enhance fan loyalty by gifting an Unico.

Unicos provide your fans exclusive perks and notifications when their favorite artist, sports team or event has new drops, merch or an event. Unicos are minted in limited quantities. Fans can trade their Unicos and earn more along the way that only unlock more features/experiences. Unicos provide artist & event producers a way to further leverage their fans passion and network while capturing more data.

Interested in joining a campaign for one of our clients?

Join our growing network of fan ambassadors for a chance to represent your favorite sports teams or event brand.  You don’t need to have 10’s of thousands of followers to be part of the PromoShare family. Our clients want to work with real people with real connections.